Photographing pregnancy is both a joy and a privilege. I would be honoured to share in this special time with you and to take some beautiful images that are personalised and as unique as you are. Make an enquiry, schedule in your photoshoot or request more information about our pregnancy photography sessions and pricing by clicking below.

Pregnancy Photography in the Mornington Peninsula and greater Melbourne area occurs at a location of your choice.

Pregnancy is such a fleeting state and it is such a precious time to capture in life. Many women regret not having a photoshoot when they were pregnant.

I have experience photographing women of all shapes and sizes and will photograph you in a sensitive and flattering way.

All pregnancy photography clients receive a Gift Certificate to put towards a complimentary newborn photography session.  Find out more about our special deal for pregnancy and newborn sessions.

Find out more about our pregnancy photography sessions and request a full price list.

When is the best time for a pregnancy photoshoot?

For some women it is any time after 28 weeks and for others the optimal time is between 30 – 35 weeks. It depends on your size, how comfortable you feel and how you carry your pregnancy. Some women like to have their photoshoot done earlier as they experience swelling and puffiness, so having the photoshoot before this happens works best for them. It is an individual decision and Carmen is happy to have a chat with you to help determine what time frame is best.

What do I wear?

Anything that shows off your beautiful belly is great. This could be your favourite outfit, or a top that opens at the front, or a beautiful long dress. Tight fitting clothing can look great as it accentuates the belly. You can either go formal or casual, or somewhere in between – it is up to you. We recommend avoiding clothing with logos or large busy designs that might detract from the overall image. We have a range of fabric sashes available in our studio for more artistic shots too.

Can I involve other family members such as partners / other children / pets in the session?


Do you offer a combined pregnancy and newborn photography package?

Yes, we have a great package whereby your newborn session is complimentary. Please click here for further information.