Hi Bell family,

This is a draft only. I have put something together for you to have a look at. As you know there are so many photos and I didn’t include all of them but tried to get a good even mix of people. I tried to mix up the group shots with the more candid shots.

As with any family photoshoot, there are some people in more photos than others – some people seem to get in front of the camera more – it is just the way it is 🙂 Anyway you are welcome to add more if you like.

I thought it might be good for Vicky to have the last three pages with group shots, as I thought it just might be a nice way to end it in terms of recognition of people when she is going through it. So I thought finishing it first with her kids, then Vicky and Ian with all kids and partners, and then everyone.

Anyway I can change any of the photos or pages if you like.

The book is a square format, 10 x 10 inch. It opens on a right hand page and closes on a left hand page, so there an even amount of pages. This is good to keep in mind that if you do want to delete any of the images then we will need to get rid of two pages at a time, otherwise there is a blank page at the end. And likewise if you want to add, we will need to add enough to keep an even amount of pages.

See below the cover options for the full lay out again.

Please let me know if you have any questions – 0414 486 409 – happy to chat anytime.




Cover Option 1: It can be a photo across the entire book with or without text. In the above example, see the first image on the left, this covers the entire book so the right hand side is the front, and I have put text there as an example.

Cover Option 2: Combination photo with leather or fabric that I match. You can add text but do need to be careful it doesn’t look too busy, sometimes it doesn’t need text. Also need the right format photo (portrait as opposed to landscape). So the other two additional photos I have included above are two shots that you could use in a combination cover. I will text Carissa a pic of what this option looks like using another book as an example. I meant to show these to you when you came in but completely forgot.

Cover Option 3: Plain leather or fabric (I usually match them in terms of the colour tones of the images inside). Cannot print any text on this option.