Having a photography session for your 6 month old baby is a truly wonderful idea.

By 6 months of age, your baby is very interactive and a heap of fun. Babies at 6 months usually like tummy time. Many of them can roll over. Some can sit up on their own, but really most cannot. Some babies at this age are even commando crawling. But most babies aren’t moving and this makes my job as a Photographer much easier.

Once your baby is crawling around, it can be a little bit harder to take photographs since they are always moving, wanting to explore and touch everything (especially cameras, sometimes!). But between the ages of 4 months and 8 months can really be a golden age in terms of photographs.

When a client asks me to take photos of their 6 month old I get super excited as I know it will be a really fun session. Their personalities are already shining through and they are not yet looking grown up enough to be a toddler, which really does happen overnight sometimes. Best of all, I know that most babies this age will be happy to interact and have some fun without crawling away constantly.

If you are thinking about a photography session for your 6 month old baby, give me a call or feel free to make an appointment with me in my studio to discuss the types of shots you would like. You can read more about the best ages to have your baby photographed here.