If you have ever visited my photography studio then you are probably aware that I have an impressive collection of flower crowns. Some of these I made myself and some of these were purchased especially.

I like to use these flower crowns for individual photography, family photographs and even newborn photography, which is the case here. I even have a couple of special flower crowns for newborn babies.

Here are the three top reasons that I love flower crowns as a photo prop:


1. They look amazing

First and foremost, they obviously look beautiful in photographs. They can turn an ordinary every day look into something spectacular, something beautiful, something ethereal. Of course there is nothing wrong with simplicity and flower crowns are not for everyone. I love the ordinary and the every day, too. But I also love to photograph something extra special.

A photo session is a special occasion. It is an investment in time and money and it leads to stunning photographs that will become family heirlooms. And this brings me to the second reason that I love flower crowns.


2. They are classic

Yes, of course everything dates and goes in and out of fashion. However flowers are timeless and for many people they bring great joy.  I have always had a love for them that is a little over the top. I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to flowers. At one time I considered floristry as a career, such is my love for flowers.

I am not alone in my love for flowers and I could write pages and pages about them! Instead of doing that, I will hark back to the emotive qualities of flowers and the beauty of them that transcends time and generations. Most of us adore flowers, from children through to grandparents. Which brings me to reason number three.


3. They make people feel good

The third reason I love flower crowns is that the people who want them in photographs, love to wear them.

For some women when they put on a flowercrown or even place a small flower in their hair, they instantly feel special and beautiful. This comes through in the photographs.

In the case with this photoshoot, the kids loved wearing them. This is a huge bonus because of course I want the children I photograph to have a fun and positive experience. Rather than seeing it as a chore, I want them to enjoy their time in my studio. Having genuine expressions on their faces is much better than forced smiles.


I love how the girl’s dresses are matching in this photoshoot. It was great decision to match them and to coordinate the colours. We decided on warm brown tones to match in with their little brother, keeping it neutral to tie in the use of colour and also bringing out the richness of the colour palette.

I felt so privileged to be able to document this special time in this family’s life. What a lucky boy to have two amazing big sisters. No doubt at some time in his future, he will be dressed up in a flower crown, more than once, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg 😉