Being based in Mitcham as a Photographer is an absolute gift. With access to some beautiful scenery right at my fingertips, as well as my own photography studio in such a central location, I really couldn’t ask for much more.

We have called Mitcham home now for over 10 years which I find amazing since prior to this, we lived in numerous places around Melbourne and moved frequently. It seemed that once we arrived in Mitcham, it really grew on us and now it has stuck.

We initially decided to move to Mitcham due to it’s convenience to both the Melbourne CBD and because we had family connections in the Eastern suburbs. We also liked the fact that it is a short drive to the Yarra Valley and gives us easy access to the Mornington Peninsula. These are both places that we love and that we frequent often. On top of this, my husband’s family live in Gippsland so it made sense to be on the East side of the city to make it easier for travel to this area. It’s amazing that when you think about Melbourne and Victoria in general, we are so incredibly lucky to have such fantastic places at our finger tips. Places like the Yarra Valley and Gippsland are tourist attractions in themselves. Yet from the Great Ocean Road, to the Goldfields and then all of the way across to Wilsons Prom, we are literally surrounded by beauty. But I digress! If I was to really get started, I could write an entire tourist brochure on Victoria, I assure you.

Getting back to Mitcham and the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

What I especially love about Mitcham in particular is that it is a bit like a village. We have great shops and a lovely sense of local community. People say hello when they walk past you on the street and strangers will stop and offer help and assistance.

The other main factor is that it’s fairly central to many areas within Melbourne and this is great when operating a business with a home-based photography studio. I am lucky enough to have clients visit me from all directions in Melbourne. I think that my location is very easy to get to from many places in Melbourne, especially places that attract young families.

The Eastern Freeway means that the CBD is 15-20 minutes away, which is why I often have clients traveling to me from inner Melbourne. It is a very easy trip for them and I have had clients travel to me from as far west as Werribee also. Once they come through the city, the drive to Mitcham on the freeway is a pretty easy run.

Likewise if you drive along Springvale Road in either direction from my house, you can get to most Northern or Southern suburbs in well under 30 minutes depending how far you go.

Convenience is the key when you are traveling with your newborn baby to a photography session. I remember the very first time we put our own newborn daughter in the car to leave the hospital and it was incredibly daunting and nerve wracking! Given that I often photograph babies before they are even 2 weeks old, I can fully appreciate the effort it takes to pack up your baby and all of the associated paraphernalia for a car trip. It is well worth it though.

I was honoured when this lovely new family of three decided to visit my studio with their gorgeous 3 week old daughter. They travelled from Melbourne’s CBD to my studio in Mitcham and it took them about 20 minutes which is great.

Once my clients arrive, they also enjoy sitting back and relaxing while I work with their newborn to get some gorgeous shots.

I was really happy with the photographs from this newborn shoot. My clients told me that they love black and white photography so I made sure to cater to this (which isn’t hard at all since I absolutely love black and white photography which you would know if you have ever worked with me). I always show my clients both colour and black and white images from their session. However, it is great to know when people have a love of black and white imagery as I can tailor the photoshoot to suit this.

This gorgeous little one was so happy and settled during our photoshoot and seemed to love the comfort and warmth of my cosy wraps and blankets. With an emphasis on simplicity, I was able to capture the types of shots that my clients wanted and the photoshoot went really well. Thanks again to my lovely clients for trusting me to capture this special time in their lives, as usual the honour was truly all mine.

Carmen is a Mitcham based Photographer and a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP). Carmen is now taking bookings for both newborn photography and family photography sessions for 2018 to be held in her home studio. Although we are based in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, our sessions attract clients from all over Melbourne.

Carmen also works on location in your home or at a natural setting of your choice to create images that you and your family will love.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to schedule in a photoshoot.

We start by having a consultation with you over the phone or in person about the type of session you would like. During this consultation we talk about the style of photography that you love and how we can best capture some images of you and your family. After this, we schedule in a session.

All newborn sessions are held on weekdays and family photography sessions are typically held on weekends.

Spaces are limited and we regret that we sometimes have waiting periods of up to two months. It is best to contact us as soon as possible so that we can endeavour to fit you in for a photoshoot at the soonest and most convenient time. We recommend for newborn photography that you make contact while pregnant to schedule in a photoshoot to avoid disappointment as Carmen is often booked out in advance. However if you have missed this window, it is always worth a call as we can sometimes schedule photoshoots in with short notice.

We look forward to meeting you in our photography studio in Mitcham.