Having some professional photography done for you and your family is priceless.

Some photographers call it an investment. I have always disliked this term as it is used instead of the word price. When I am looking for the cost of something, I just want to find it as quickly and as easily as I can. When I was designing my website, calling my prices an investment sounded misleading to me. It’s not like you’re buying shares! I thought I should just call it what it is.

But actually, now I think this word investment is perfect. Having professional photography done certainly is an investment in many ways. An investment in your loved ones. An investment in the memories. An investment to make sure that those moments and memories are captured to be enjoyed by future generations. It is an investment in love. An investment in yourself.

Whatever you call it, to me it is worth everything to have those memories captured professionally. It is an investment worth making, whichever way you look at it.

Photographing my own kids isn’t something I do as often as IĀ once did. This is because I am generally busy working and picking up the camera in my down time isn’t always appealing when I have been photographing in a professional sense solidly all week. But I need to make this investment in myself and my family just as much as anyone else and for me the investment is all about time and extra energy. But when I see the results I am so glad that I did.

I hope you enjoy the photographs I recently took of my own two funny little souls. As usual, I like the out takes almost as much as the posed professional style photographs.


Professional photography sessions with Carmen mainly occur in her home based studio. Photography on locationĀ is also available. Carmen specialises in family portraits and newborn photography.

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