Whenever I receive a request to photograph a family with their pet, the answer is always a big YES! I know some people might think I am crazy to actively seek out opportunities to work with both children and animals but truly I love it. I know how important your fur baby is to you and it is only fair that they should be in the family portrait.

When I am editing your photographs from our session together, I inevitably sit there with a big goofy grin on my face the entire time. Add a fury friend into the mix and I have to say it is certainly extra enjoyable and probably an even goofier grin, if that is possible.

This gorgeous girl and her fur sister were excellent at posing together. People often ask me what the secret is when it comes to photographing pets with kids. The answer is, there is no secret. Its kind of like having an extra hairy toddler. Help them feel at ease, use rewards, keep them engaged, it’s not too different. When it comes to photographing pets, a love of animals probably helps.

For myself personally, I am currently suffering pet withdrawal symptoms. Our very elderly pets have all passed away within the last few years. We haven’t replaced our pets at this stage as with the two year old and travel commitments, it hasn’t been the right timing. I will admit that another part of me has also enjoyed being pet free for a while. This is probably because all thee of our pets passed away within a few years of each other and they were all very senior and had health complications. They required a lot of work, a lot of medical attention and I felt like I was running an aged care facility for pets at one point. So, taking a break from that has been good while my two children provide me with ample opportunities to fulfil that nurturing side. There is still plenty of mess to clean up and wrangling a toddler isn’t too different from wrangling pets. However I have missed having animals around the house and I know at some point soon we will delve back in to the joys of pet ownership.

For now, I am happy to spend time with your pets and to photograph them on their own or with your family. Seeing your babies together in a photograph (your human and your fur babies) is a treat and I guarantee these shots will take their rightful place amongst your most valued possessions.