Playing with light in my newborn portrait studio is a lot of fun, which is what I did with this recent newborn photoshoot. We decided to create a more moody feel for newborn portraits and I loved the result.

I love being able to photograph families at every stage of life in my studio. In the case of this photoshoot, it was an absolute honour to photograph this lovely couple who are now a new family of three.

It is usual for me to welcome clients back into my studio when their newborns are a bit older for a photoshoot at around 3 months of age (or a 100 days old photoshoot). Another common time to have a photoshoot is around 8 months to one year, which some people call “sitter sessions” as this is when the baby is sitting up.

I also photograph family portraits in my studio of groups with older or grown up children. These sessions are a lot of fun. Maternity portraits and couples portraits are also held regularly in my studio.

Photographing newborns in my studio however is something that happens very regularly.

It is wonderful having a studio to work with when it comes to newborn photography. Being able to control the light and the temperature are two key components to successful newborn photography.

My studio is beautifully set up with south facing windows. However I don’t always use natural light. I regularly use both studio lighting set ups as well as natural light and sometimes I interplay with a bit of both.

Having a great set up for both newborn photography and family portrait photography is very handy. I have a number of big backdrops that I use for larger groups. I also use windows in my work regularly.

The geographical advantage of having a portrait studio based in a central area means that I am able to keep in contact with clients from all around Melbourne. Prior to working from my own studio, I travelled around to clients homes. My clients were from almost every direction in Melbourne! While I still do this from time to time and while I still undertake plenty of portrait photography on location, it is great to hold newborn photography in my studio. It has been fantastic that many of my past clients have come to my studio for photoshoots. It hasn’t been too far for people to travel, even when they are from the west side of our city.

If you are a new parent then I can tell you that having a newborn photography session in a studio is a very special experience. Most of my clients tell me after their session that they had an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Although I will admit my studio is often messy (I find it almost impossible to keep it looking neat!), it is always comforting and welcoming. My clients enjoy leaving their homes and being able to sit and watch me do all of the work for a while.

It has been said multiple times that the newborn phase is fleeting. This is spot on and probably why it is stated so often. Capturing that time before it passes with a professional photographer in a studio setting is one of the best decisions you will make. Having some stunning portraits of you and your family will not only be enjoyed by you but by members of your family for generations.


I love being able to capture the love and connection between parents with their children, especially their newborn babies. There is really no other time like it. For most of us it goes in a blur. Being able to take some time aside during this time is important. It is really hard to remember everything. This is when the photographs prove to be very important not just to reminisce but to take you back to those raw feelings.

If you are thinking about booking in a session with your newborn baby, feel free to e-mail me or call me to discuss the type of photoshoot that you would like. I would also welcome you to visit me in my newborn portrait studio to have a chat before your photoshoot.