Natural family photography sessions can be held in my studio or on location.

Having a studio family photoshoot is something that almost every family does at least once in their lifetime. There are some families who have photoshoots as a regular occurrence with a tradition of updating them every year.

When it comes to family photography sessions in a studio, many people wonder about getting natural expressions and looks. For me I consider it part of my job to help capture these expressions. In fact it is part of the fun of a photoshoot. I enjoy getting to know people and finding out about families and I think this is part of the reason I became a photographer.

The best advice that I have for your family portrait session is to be open to anything, relax and be yourselves. This is true especially when children are involved. I want the photoshoot to be a fun and pleasurable experience and allowing children to express themselves and their own ideas will get them invested in a photoshoot and enjoy being there. This will lead to open, natural expressions much more than asking a child to “smile” over and over.

As for adults, I completely understand that having your photo taken is sometimes the last thing you feel like doing. I concur! I do not consider myself photogenic in any way and I don’t think most people do, which is where an experienced professional photographer can be a great help.

There is certainly an art to helping pose families for photographs. When you are having a portrait session and especially if you are after some natural style family photography, it is almost essential to start with some posed photos.¬†Posed does not have to mean formal. Many people don’t realise that a lot of the relaxed and candid looking photos you see are a result of posing techniques and choreographed movements.¬† Having these photos taken especially at the start of the session will help everyone warm up. Most people have no idea how to pose for a family photo and will immediately stiffen up. This is a normal reaction. It is the Photographers job to help relax you and to help direct family members to produce some gorgeous family images that show who you are as a family.

Having ideas about the types of shots that you want is fantastic. When you have a photoshoot with me, it is par for the course to have a chat about the types of images you are after including the look and feel of the final photographs. Also helpful, is to remain open to the moments that can just “happen” during photoshoots – especially with children. Sometimes wonderfully candid moments occur and it is these instances that can lead to gorgeous, personalised photos and expressions that truly showcase you as a family and who you are. After all, you are unique and the photos should portray this.

As a photographer, I want a result that is pleasing to the eye in terms of composition, and one that has natural expressions. I also want you all to look your best so that you are happy with your portrait and proud to hang it on the wall. Images of families looking happy are always going to be a favourite of many so the smiley ones can be magical. I also adore the more serious photos too.

I love it when a family comes in with ideas but it is absolutely fine to come in as who you are, just as you are, with no ideas.

This family of five was a total pleasure to photograph. We got some lovely natural expressions on both parents and kids and we all had fun on the day. This family now have a lovely collection of images which they chose to receive as large wall prints and I am sure they will bring a lot of joy to them for a long time.