I am so excited to be moving to the Mornington Peninsula this month and even more excited to be setting up a brand new photography studio in the not too distant future. Having serviced the Mornington Peninsula newborn photography market for some time it will be lovely to now call it my home.

The beautiful little town of Balnarring will be our new base. We have been long time fans of Balnarring and were thrilled when we found the perfect place to call home with enough room to extend the house to make room for my studio.

Newborn photography is my passion and it wont be long until our studio is finished. In the meantime, all newborn photography sessions and family photography sessions will be held on location. Having newborn sessions in my clients homes yields the same results and the bonus for my clients is that they dont have to travel anywhere. For me however, it means lugging my equipment around which is essentially why I prefer to have a studio when I can. When I already have a studio set up, my time isn’t taken up packing and unpacking equipment and setting up and traveling.

Until my studio is finished however, I will be enjoying the change for a while (and additionally I will be enjoying designing a beautiful new studio space too!)

If you are based in the Mornington Peninsula and looking for a newborn photographer then please take the time to have a look at my folio of work. I favour a more minimalist newborn photographic style and use few props, instead favouring a simple approach that is all about the beauty of your newborn baby. My look is quite classic and timeless with rich tones, deep shadows and a love of black and white imagery. I also aim to capture the moments between family members and strongly encourage you to be in at least one or two photos. Some new parents are completely on board with this, but an equal amount shy away from the camera. I will always say to you, that even if you pop them away in a box, your children will greatly appreciate the fact that you did that for them. You children will love seeing you in the photographs with them.

Newborn photography is best undertaken in the first few weeks after your baby’s birth so if you are thinking of having a photoshoot with your newborn, it is best to book it in while you are pregnant. It means that there is less organising to do in those first couple of weeks (when time and life is a blur) but it also guarantees you a spot. It is hard having to turn away clients however I can only accommodate a certain number of families per month so there is a ceiling in terms of numbers. I only do one newborn photoshoot per day to make sure I have enough time and that people never feel rushed. All sorts of things can happen with babies and young children and over the years I have learnt to be flexible.

If you are on the fence about booking in a newborn photoshoot, all I can say is, just do it. Whether your photoshoot be with me or another newborn photographer. You will not regret capturing your baby in those first precious few days and weeks after birth. It is an incredibly unique and special time in their life and yours and you will not get that time back. They grow incredibly quickly (yes that is a cliche but it is spot on). They change each day and before you know it they look completely different. Capturing a newborn baby in the first couple of weeks is also a lot easier since after this time, babies start to become more wakeful and easily distracted or unsettled so its great to take full advantage of those first two weeks.

Before our session together I will send you some information about the photoshoot in terms of it all running as smoothly as possible. And then after our photoshoot together it usually takes about two or three weeks for you to see your gallery of images. The amount of images depends on the size of your family (for example if there are other children or extended family present at the photoshoot) but generally you can expect to see about 25 – 30 images.

I would be honoured to take some images of you and your family. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my newborn photography sessions. I am excited to be able to service the Mornington Peninsula for newborn photography and also for family photography which is also what I do the other half of the time.

The session I have shared here is of beautiful Tommy, the first child for a lovely couple who are obviously smitten with him. Tommy is one lucky little boy, surrounded not only by the love of his parents but also a wonderful extended family. I felt incredibly privileged to be able to capture his newborn tininess for the whole family and for future generations to look back on. Its a rewarding part of my job and truly it makes my heart sing.

Although I have moved areas, my work not only encompass Mornington Peninsula newborn photography and family photography, I will also continue to service clients in Melbourne and in particular the Eastern and South Eastern suburbs which are only a hop and a skip away.