Most of my clients choose to have me photograph their newborn because of my simple, natural style that is almost quite minimalist in its approach.

I love minimalism in all of its forms. I like minimalist architecture, décor and as it turns out, minimalist newborn photography. I don’t even know if minimalist newborn photography is a thing. Or even an actual style. Minimalism and newborns seem like an odd combination when you think about all of the paraphernalia that surrounds babies.

However when it comes to a newborn photography session with me, I have things pared right down and really like to focus just on your baby and of course the connection that you have with your baby, your other children if you have them and all of you as a family.

Minimalist newborn photography to me means minimum use of props. It means that the simplicity of the newborn baby is enough and that a few wraps and textured blankets can accompany the baby, as long as it’s not too busy. I like to use neutral tones, light and shade and I also shoot knowing that I will convert many of the images into black and white.

I love black and white newborn photography. It is so classic and timeless. I would have to say that many of my own favourite images of my children are black and white. Its lovely to focus on form and light and shade and sometimes the emotional aspect of the image is conveyed in a different way when the image is in black and white.

Of course simplistic and natural newborn photography in colour is also stunning. After our session together, I always offer a selection of both colour and black and white images for my clients to view and sometimes we have difficulty deciding which ones will look best on the wall.

I have also realised that minimalist family sessions are also my thing. This could mean using a plain white or grey background or simply running around at a park outside. Focussing on you as a family in the environment also lends itself well to minimalism. Just all of you being together is a simple and natural way to be photographed.

Photographing your newborn baby in a simple and minimal way is a total pleasure for me because these are exactly the types of photographs I like myself. I will admit that when I first started out as a newborn photographer I used a lot of props and sometimes I think that I was a bit awkward or clumsy with them in terms of my approach. I think this is because really this style just didn’t come naturally to me. I thought I had to use these props because I thought that most people wanted photographs of their baby in a basket or surrounded by a wreath of flowers, or wearing beautiful delicate headbands. And while many people do, there are many (literally hundreds) of photographers that do a beautiful job of photographing newborns this way. I don’t think that I am one of them. For me, photographing the beauty of a newborn in a simple and minimalist way makes so much more sense. Therefore I simply photograph your newborn and your family in the style that I feel the most comfortable with. Simply and cleanly, using negative space, shadows and light and the real emotions between you and your baby.

While my newborn photography style is minimalist, I think that my approach to sessions is pretty minimalist too.


How my minimalist newborn photography sessions run:


Most people arrive by car and I ask that baby is left in his or her car capsule and that you carry this car capsule into the studio. This is because your baby is usually asleep in the car and most of the time they have had a feed before getting in the car. Transferring baby out of the capsule and into my warm studio is usually a smooth one. I like to take your baby out of the car capsule myself and basically start photographing straight away. If you have come with other children, I usually like to get photos of siblings early on, too. Before toddlers start losing interest and want to break into the snacks!

While this is how most sessions start, of course this is not always the way. Sometimes baby is due for a feed shortly arriving at my studio. Sometimes siblings take a while to get used to me and it doesn’t work well to involve them straight away. Every family is different and every baby is different so I simply go with the flow. My photography sessions are very much baby led and I have found that when I work this way, I get the best outcome for both parents and baby. Its almost just as important to me that everyone stays happy and relaxed than getting that “perfect” shot. Besides, the perfect shots can only occur when all of the other elements are in place.

At some point during our photo session together, your baby may want a feed. When this happens, we simply stop for as long as we need to and then resume when we are ready. At other times, your baby may just want to be held or rocked to sleep. And at another stage of our session together your baby will probably wee and poo all over everything and this is also a completely normal part of a newborn photography session.

Before our newborn photoshoot, I send you some further information about our session together. This is like a little information sheet that covers off a few points. It reminds you, for example, that my studio is usually very warm to cater to the needs of your baby, so its best to dress light. In terms of clothing I am also happy to send some tips in terms of what to wear or answers to frequently asked questions if people request either of these things. When you have just had a baby, life is complicated enough so I don’t want to overload people however I am also mindful of the fact that lots of people want the information and that this helps them feel more organised.

Generally speaking, newborn photography is best undertaken within the first couple of weeks after birth. More information about when to have your baby photographed can be found here.

Most of my clients book their session in while they are pregnant and when baby arrives, they simply call, email or text me and we set up the session from there. My newborn photography sessions are typically held on week days however I can occasionally cater to a weekend request.

A couple of weeks after our photoshoot, you have two options in terms of how to view your images. Either I send you a link to an online gallery, or you come back to my studio to view the images. From there, you simply pick which ones you like and in another week or so you have a beautiful set of prints, a USB or a stunning photobook in your hands. It depends on your preferences. More information on pricing of my newborn sessions can be found here.

To book in a newborn session with me, click here to make contact. I look forward to creating some beautiful images and lasting memories for you.