I am lucky to be close to my cousin. I consider her a good friend and a pseudo sister. I know how wonderful it is to have family that you can feel connected with and share a special bond.

So it was an absolute privilege to photograph my gorgeous cousin and her hubby with their divine daughter, Ella. Isn’t she ridiculously cute!? Yes I am a little biased.

Truthfully I think the same about all babies I photograph. I love my job! That might sound a bit gushy but that’s ok, I am a gushy emotional person which is probably why I am a baby photographer.

I don’t normally feel clucky when I photograph newborns. But, I will admit that photographing Ella made me feel a tiny bit clucky. This is actually crazy because I do not want another baby myself. There is no chance of this happening, so for now I will be happy cuddling Ella and the other cute babies I meet. And is it too early for me to be asking them when they are having baby number two? OK just kidding.

Information on newborn sessions with me can be found here. If you have any questions about what to expect from a newborn session, or what is the best age to have your baby photographed, contact me via phone or email.

When choosing a newborn photographer, hiring a professionally accredited photographer is very important. Check to see if your Photographer is a member of the AIPP. One of my fellow AIPP members Tracey Martindale recently wrote some handy info on hiring a professional photographer and you can read it here.