What I loved most about this newborn photoshoot was the full range of emotions that we were able to capture of gorgeous baby Alexander. The highs, the lows, and lots of the in betweens. This is much like a typical day in the life of a newborn.

When I look through photos of my own children, I love re-experiencing the range of their moods and their expressions. It is always amusing to me that the facial expressions they have as newborns are easily recognisable as they get older. Being able to see little snippets of their more grown-up selves fascinates me.

I loved meeting little baby Alexander, he already had such a great personality and as a result he was a lot of fun to photograph.

If you are interested in booking in a newborn photoshoot with me, I am available mainly on weekdays and it is always a great idea to book in advance while you are still pregnant to avoid disappointment.

I would be honoured to photograph a typical or not so typical day in the life of your gorgeous newborn. More information including prices can be found here.



Remember – the optimal timeframe to take newborn photos is in the first two to three weeks after birth. As time starts to pass, your baby becomes more wakeful and starts to lose that freshly hatched newborn look. Find out more about the best time to take newborn photos here.