I have always said it’s a privilege to photograph families. From newborn sessions through to family photoshoots, I love being able to help record part of your life.

In my opinion, nothing can beat the images and the memories that can be created and recorded when we do a photoshoot in your home.

As well as studio sessions, I also photograph on location not only around the Eastern suburbs but all over Melbourne, the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula.

The great thing about in home photography sessions is that we are truly creating images that are special and unique to you and your family. We can not replicate these types of photoshoots in a studio. A studio doesn’t have the history that your home has. Every room in your home is about you and your family and of course this is going to be translated into special images that tell your story.

You don’t need to have a home that is anything amazing in terms of décor to have a great outcome from our photoshoot. Sometimes when I talk to families about in home photoshoots they tell me that their home is messy and that they don’t have nice furniture. Sometimes people will say something like “our house is small and not that nice”. Basically, they aren’t sure about how the shots will look. I can say right now that some of the best in home photoshoots I have had have been in small and well loved homes. Notice that I said well loved instead of messy! All of us who have kids have mess and this is a great thing as it means your home is lived in and enjoyed.

It is easy to say that these things shouldn’t matter but I hear myself saying the same sorts of things sometimes, so I get it. The thing is though, all we need for our photoshoot is one area with a window, or a couch, or a floor, or a wall / garden / driveway / bed etc.

Photoshoots in your home are all about you are the family. Sometimes it is these very things – the “mess”, the mismatched chairs or the fingerprints on the windows that are fun to record because they tell a story about you, and who you are right now.

This is really at the crux of all photography isn’t it? Who you are now. Moments pass. Time marches on. There is a great quote I read once:


“I love photos, because the best thing about them is that they never change, even when the people in them do”


I have no idea who to attribute this quote to. I tried to look it up online but was unable to find the original author.

It is such a great quote because that is in fact exactly why we take photographs. So we can record and remember.

Throughout your life there will be numerous stages and chapters. I often talk with clients about this, particularly where toddlers are involved. For example, it might be hard to get your toddler to sit still long enough for the camera (let alone look at you and smile, if that is what you are wanting). But one day they will be older and this will be really easy to achieve. So why not celebrate the now and the fact that life is not perfect? Because there will be a time when you look back on this crazy time and laugh about it and wish that you could experience it all again.

As an adult, seeing photographs of my home life when I was a child is fascinating to me. There is often really bad 1970’s wallpaper and retro furniture and appliances. I love seeing the backyard and the toys and even the washing on the line.

Your children will love seeing photographs of you all around the house when they are older. They will be so grateful to have them and the photographs will trigger memories for them of a time that they may have forgotten until they see the photographs again.

If you have pets, then in home photography sessions are a great way to include your furry friends without having to take them into a confined space and worry how they will go in a photography studio. This applies to cats especially. Your pets will most likely be way more relaxed in their own home so there will be greater opportunities to include them effectively into our photo session.

In my experience, everyone is more relaxed when we do a photoshoot in your home. If one of the kids isn’t really in the mood then there is less pressure on them. It’s also great to incorporate their favourite toys or bikes or scooters. When you are already at home, and everything is on hand, even changes of clothes are readily available.

If a photoshoot in your home isn’t your cup of tea, then one option is that you can come to my home. I have a home based photography studio and I photograph all types of sessions from newborn photography through to family photography, couples and individual portraits.

The other lovely option for a photoshoot is having it on location somewhere such as a park, beach, nature reserve, urban area, really anywhere. Outdoor family photography sessions are also lovely and the photographs are usually fun and natural with a mixture of posed and candid shots.

If you are thinking of booking in a session, often the best first step is to make contact so we can chat about the type of photoshoot you are wanting. I also welcome people to meet up with me before our photoshoot together if you wish to see samples of photobooks or prints. Its a great way to start thinking about how you might want to display your photographs.

This particular photoshoot that I am showcasing was taken in my clients home. I had the pleasure and privilege of photographing this little one as a newborn so it was wonderful to see them again. Its always wonderful to see how the babies I have photographed have grown. I look forward to many more photoshoots in the future with this lovely family.