Ok, so this isn’t entirely true. When I went on holiday recently, I took loads and loads of photos with my Smart Phone, like the one you see above. But I only took one photograph with my Fuji X-T2, the “good camera” and the “professional” camera that I chose to take with me.

The one photo that I took with the Fuji was when we went to have a look at an area referred to as the Red Sand Dunes. When you arrive, you can hire sleds from some lovely local ladies and slide down the dunes which sounded like a lot of fun. It also sounded like the perfect location to get out my “real” camera and take some amazing shots of sand dunes and children having fun, right? Wrong.

The 6 year old wasn’t too impressed when we arrived because, basically, we had left the resort and the pool which was like paradise for her. To top it off, where we went was windy and hot and required walking. She slid down the dunes a small handful of times, fell off each time and then eventually cracked it because there was “too much sand” and we left. Meanwhile I was watching at the bottom with the 2 year old, while trying to make sure he didn’t eat too much sand or put any other objects in his mouth and fiddling with the settings on my camera preparing to get the perfect shots. But in the end this is the one and only shot that I got with my Fuji:

Many times over the years I have gone on holiday and lugged my DSLR Canon with me and a couple of favourite lenses, only to never get it out of its bag. Not even once. It’s not exactly light weight, either.

I thought that taking my Fuji on this holiday was going to be a great solution. I can pop it in my handbag or backpack without it taking up much space and best of all it is extremely light. I certainly took it with me a few times while we were out and about however I then left it in the bag and used my Smartphone instead.

It seemed to take two of us to watch the kids when we were out and about, often in very busy locations. And when we were hanging out at our resort, I was in relaxation mode and just generally couldn’t be bothered.

Of course, I saw literally hundreds of photographic opportunities everywhere I went. I met people who I would have loved to photograph, too. In some ways that aspect of the holiday was a bit frustrating. However I managed to at least take a heap of photos with my phone and let’s face it – these days they have fantastic cameras. I have shared a few of my favourite phone photos below that I posted to my family and friends on Instagram.

I can’t wait to go back to Vietnam in a few years when my children are older and have a better opportunity to take some pics with my “real” camera.

Beach girl
Tastes better than bad natured water
Awesome shell haul although I don't think Australian customs would agree
Loving life
Last pool play
My little intrepid traveller
Hanging out in Ho Chi Minh
Good morning Ho Chi Minh
Probably going to be spamming my instagram with a zillion beach pics
Somewhere along the coast of the South China Sea
Holiday contemplations
Daphne and Nick ready to slide down the red sand dunes. Photo taken prior to Daphne's meltdown over too much sand ? My visions of amazing photos that could be taken here quickly squashed ?