In my work, I am inspired by love every day.

It’s true that I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by love. In my personal life, I have a beautiful, loving family and for that I am eternally grateful.

I am also surrounded by love in my work. Photographing a range of families that come in all shapes and sizes means that I come into contact with a range of people from different backgrounds with unique histories. It is endlessly interesting, heart warming and truly an honour.

Likewise, meeting new parents with their newborns is wonderfully inspiring. I am continuously in awe of parents and their selflessness and devotedness to their children.

Love in itself is an inspiration to me. I am devoted to capturing human connection between people and strive to communicate this connection in every photograph that I take when two or more people are in it. Sometimes the connection is subtle and other times it is completely out there for the world to see.

I fall in love a little bit with every person that I photograph. I realise that I am saying this at the risk of freaking out hundreds of people who have been photographed by me! Falling in love is just my way of saying that I am 100% devoted to you. For that hour or two that I am photographing you, I honouring you, I am seeing you and I am and trying to do the very best that I can to capture you and your loved ones in a respectful and authentic way. I see this as an act of love because it truly is coming from my heart.

So from my heart to yours, happy Valentines Day. I realise that lots of people don’t like Valentines Day because of the focus on being in a couple, a relationship. For some single people it can be completely nauseating. However my opinion is that if you have love in your heart for anyone in your life, no matter who they are, then this day is for you. I see it as a celebration of love in whatever form you wish.