When your children go to look for photographs of you after you have gone, what will they find?

I have seen this question asked recently in a few blogs that I follow and it has really rung true with me. As a Photographer, I am ashamed to say that there aren’t too many “nice” photographs of me.

There have been some great articles written about the importance of women existing in photographs. Stories of mothers passing away and their grown-up children not being able to find enough photos. As a portrait photographer I have been involved with photographing people who are terminally ill. I have also been contacted by past clients telling me a family member has passed. They were so happy that we had the photoshoot and they call to tell me that they are now some of their most treasured lasting memories of them.

But moving away from that side of things, there is also the here and now. Our kids want to see photographs of us not just after we have gone, but while we are still here, too. They love them and they want to enjoy them with us. One of my daughter’s favourite pastimes is to look through our wedding album so she can see mummy and daddy “dressed up”. I think she also likes an insight into our lives before they were born. And there is no other album in our house dedicated just to her parents because she and her brother dominate all other photo albums.

The truth for many women is that whether they are professional photographers or not, they spend most of the time on the other side of the lens photographing their family. So who is photographing the women?

I am!

I have recently expanded my business to offer styled portraits for women. This type of session includes a make-over with a talented hair and make-up artist and a consultation with me about wardrobe. The sessions are all about photographing you in a range of flattering poses to make you feel great and have some stunning photographs of yourself.

I cannot express how gratifying it is to meet with women and create some stunning images of them that they love.

If you are thinking about having one of these sessions with me, then here are 5 good reasons why you should book a photoshoot right now:


1. It will make you feel good

I guarantee that having a photoshoot that is all about you, will make you feel good. It’s a bit like a day of pampering. Take a break from the humdrum of every day life, dress up and feel special.

We all know that women in magazines have been styled and photoshopped. I believe that every woman can look good in photographs and that’s why I take before and after shots. The before and after shots have nothing to do with making someone look “better” but more to demonstrate that with gorgeous styling and the right posing, your inner beauty can shine through and that the real you is just as gorgeous as those models in magazines.


2. It will help you reconnect with the real you

Remember that girl? The one that existed before it felt like the weight of the world was on her shoulders? For you, it might be who you were before you had kids. Or before you experienced heartbreak. It might be you before marriage or before that big serious job. I know that for me, as the years go by I sometimes feel like there is a small part of myself that has been lost or forgotten along the way when life got all busy and serious. A photoshoot is a lovely way of spending some time reconnecting with your true self again.

3. It is a thoughtful gift for your family or loved ones

A stunning framed photograph of you looking your very best is truly a beautiful gift for your loved ones. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to have a beautiful photograph of someone they love.

4. Celebrate a Milestone

If you really want an excuse to invest in yourself, then why not make it coincide with an important birthday? Or it could coincide with finishing study, getting a new job, or fulfilling a fitness goal.

5. Because time does not stand still

Luckily it does stand still long enough to take some beautiful photographs. But as you know, time just keeps marching on. There is no need to wait until a certain age or certain time.

The time is now. You are beautiful enough. You are thin enough. You are young enough. You are old enough. Celebrate who you are now, not who you think you will be in the future when “x y or z” has happened. Existing in photographs starts now. Time will not wait. Life will just keep moving and before you know it, you will wish you had done this five years ago.

If you would like to book a session with me, please contact me using the contact form at the end of this post or by clicking here.

Alternatively, if there is a special woman in your life who might enjoy this, then a Gift Certificate is a wonderful gesture.

And while this photoshoot is all about you, you are welcome to bring friends, partners, family or children to these sessions and get a styled session together.

The photographs I am sharing here are from a recent styled session with gorgeous mother of two, Michelle. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Michelle and photograph her while her gorgeous 11 month old watched.


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