Farm photography starring my gorgeous family (well…most of them) and some other four legged beauties who followed me around during our recent stay in Boolarra.

Boolarra is a small town in Gippsland nestled in between farm land and forest. It’s the perfect place for a family escape and we are lucky enough to be able to visit frequently as my husband grew up there. It’s also the perfect place for a farm family photoshoot.

At the beginning of this year I made a resolution to take more photos of my children and my family than I have done in the recent years. With two young kids, I find it hard to find the time to get out the camera very often. I will admit that generally I do see it as something related to work, which is fair enough since being a photographer is actually my job. Years ago when I first started learning all about photography, I took photographs of my family weekly, sometimes even daily. But these days I am lucky if I take photos once every few months.

To help separate my home photography from my work photography, last year I got myself a play camera which was a mirrorless Fuji X-T2. This camera is a lot of fun and reminds me a bit of my youth. It’s small and light and I never use it for work. But in the case of these photographs, I actually did use my “work” camera which is my Canon 5D MkIII. For some reason that weekend, I felt like bringing a huge collections of lenses and admittedly I am much more comfortable using this camera since Ive had it for so long, it feels like an extension of my own hands. Therefore less thinking is required.

I was very glad that I walked out of the house holding said camera when I did. Would you just look at these girls? They are a crack up. There they were, dancing away and they told me they were putting on a show for the cows.

I’m not sure the cows were particularly interested but the backdrop and the trees framing them was an excellent photo op!

My kids absolutely love visiting their grandparents at the farm. Having so much open space around us is super relaxing. Hearing nothing but the sound of birds and the cattle is bliss. At night its extra dark and during the day its extra bright. The fresh air and the simplicity of farm life does us all the world of good.

My kids especially love the cows. My father in-law is a third generation farmer who knows how to run the land in a way that benefits both the cattle and the environment. His farm is runs as carbon positive and he has contributed to the regeneration of much of the native flora along the creeks bordering the property. The cattle are grass fed and so tame that they come when called. When I am out photographing in the paddocks, they follow me around to the point where it freaks me out a little sometimes.

Also a huge hit with my kids is the tractor. Tractor rides are a must every time we visit. My parents in-law also have a stunning garden which they have cared for meticulously over the years and it has something to offer in every season.

These photographs were taken during winter. I love the mood and magic of winter and as I often tell my clients, outdoor family photography sessions work beautifully in winter just as they do in other seasons.

As a family, newborn and children’s photographer, I would be honoured to take some photographs of you and your family. Natural children’s portraits can be taken in your own home, in our studio setting or outdoors almost anywhere. I have photographed farm family photography sessions in Gippsland, the Mornington Peninsula and around Sunbury.

The best way to get in contact with me is either phone or email. We usually have a chat about the types of photographs you are wanting and plan your session so it runs as well as it can. I look forward to creating some beautiful images and memories for you and your family.