Black and white photography has been a love of mine for a very long time. And in the more recent years, black and white newborn photography has become a little bit of an obsession. To me, there is something quite spectacular about a portrait of a newborn baby in black and white. It’s timelessness and simplicity lends well to the very nature of what I believe a portrait of a baby should be about – classic, beautifully natural and simple.

It is hard to go past black and white for me. I love the way black and white photography looks on the wall. With it’s striking simplicity, it often means that the main subject or subjects of the work are portrayed in a way that takes them back to their essence. Black and white photography is great when you are conveying emotion or when you have lovely ranges of light and shade.

One of the other great things about black and white photography is how the images come up in print. Images in black and white are classic and still well loved by many people for many reasons. From an aesthetic perspective, it is easy to accommodate a black and white print in almost any space regardless of the decor or colours in your home. Black and white images sit equally well in modern or more period style homes. They are not a trend or a passing fad, they are classic.

Many of my clients specifically tell me that they love black and white photography and of course when this happens it is music to my ears.  Often when I am photographing I am already seeing the image in black and white even though it is obviously in colour through my lens. As a long time lover of black and white, it is often my preference and I have a huge bias towards it. However when I photograph a newborn photography session I always provide images both in black and white and in colour.

Typically in any newborn session I undertake, I provide my clients with a gallery of 25 – 35 images to choose from. There are sometimes more than this. Much of this depends on the size of the family (for example siblings of your baby or grandparents or even pets) and how things went on the day. After the newborn session, I go through the images and start the process of editing them. Of course at this point, I convert many to black and white. In almost all cases I present both colour and black and white images but every now and then when I know my clients love their black and whites, I will present a few images such as silhouettes in black and white only.

White or dark backgrounds also lend well to portraiture and especially baby photography. When I know that a client of mine loves black and whites, I often choose a darker blanket to contrast with baby’s skin. Family portraits also look great on black or grey backdrops, or in this case here, backlit by the window.

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I would be honoured to take some stunning black and white newborn photography for you and your family (or colour!).

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