One newborn baby and one willing toddler added together makes for beautiful newborn photography. Photographing newborn babies is my every day normal and I love my job. It is made even better sometimes by the excited big siblings.

In this session, big sister aged only two was very happy to be photographed with her new sister. This is not always the case when toddlers are involved as anyone who has had one will know, they play by their own rules. I have certainly had sessions where it has been almost impossible (or actually…impossible!) to get a great shot of a toddler with their newborn sibling. Having a toddler who wants to do their own thing is actually pretty normal. It often comes down to luck on the day. In this case we certainly had a lucky day getting some gorgeous shots of the two sisters together.

I love witnessing all of the beautiful moments in baby photography sessions. Beautiful moments happen frequently with parents and siblings. It is a total privilege to be part of it as a Photographer.

Beautiful newborn photography moments can happen in sessions in my studio or on location at clients homes. It is all about capturing you as a family, whether you are a new family of two, three or five. It is about having a warm and relaxing environment during our session together and leaving room for everything else that needs to happen. Such as extra feeding and cuddles. Or perhaps we might need time to try some ideas that you might have for photographs. And when toddlers are involved in the photoshoot, most of the time we need to factor in toddler “moments” (or…ahem tantrums), which areĀ  to be expected. It is great to have opportunities to rest and regroup for everyone.

For many new parents, having a newborn photography session is becoming an essential part of having a baby. I am always honoured when I am picked to undertake this photoshoot for you. Having a very small role to play in this part of the baby process is actually pretty cool. For me, you are all so unique and no two sessions are ever the same which is the lovely part about photography. I love that I can often get surprised by people and that there are endless ways to create beautiful images that I am always discovering. In every photography session that I do, I aim to create thoughtful images and beautiful newborn photography that you and your family can treasure for a long time.

If you are thinking of booking in a photography session with me, whether it be for a newborn baby or a family photoshoot, I would be happy to meet with you in person to have a chat. It is often a nice way to start the process so we can talk through ideas that we both might have concerning the types of photographs that you are wanting. I am experienced photographing children of all ages, we well as adult portraits and even pets! I love photographing people with their fury friends.

I have a home based studio in Mitcham. As of today’s date, it is actually undergoing renovations and is therefore unavailable for use again until around August 2018. However so far this hasn’t been an issue as I have enjoyed photographing sessions in my clients homes or at other beautiful locations.

Wherever our photoshoot might be, I will aim to capture some fun loving family images or some beautiful newborn photography that you can cherish.

Please contact me on 0414 486 409 or shoot me an email if you would like to book in a session.