I love witnessing the beautiful moments during a newborn photo session with a family. It is a wonderful part of my job that I get to help celebrate unconditional love and record it for a family. Because that’s really what a newborn photo shoot is all about – a celebration of new life and new love.

Another great part of my day is meeting a range of lovely people. From the moment a new family arrives in my studio for their photo shoot, I start getting to know them. We usually start with small talk and then it is amazing how quickly we start talking about a variety of topics and get into the nitty gritty within a short space of time. It is a real honour to come into contact with families during such a special period in their lives.

I am constantly in awe of new mothers. Whether it is baby number one or a sibling for older children, the work cut out for new mums is relentless. All of us who have been there know how it feels. The new mini human in your life needs a lot of time and attention. Normal time and space kind of feels like it gets a bit bent out of shape for a while.

The experience of having your first baby can be incredibly overwhelming and when he or she is a younger sibling to a brood of older kids or even one older child, you realise just how easy having just one baby is in comparison. I certainly felt that way with my second child.

In this session, the gorgeous older sibling in question was a total star. She was so proud of her little sister and there was already a special bond between them. I can only guess that this will continue to grow and that they will have a lot of fun together as they both get older.

I enjoy the challenge of working with children of all ages. And sometimes it is a real challenge as kids have a limited attention span. We all know that this is completely normal for kids. As a photographer of children in general, I am always armed with a number of ideas when it comes to kids. I see it as part of my job to help keep their interest and work with children as best I can to capture the beautiful moments between siblings. And in the case of this photoshoot, it wasn’t much of a challenge, it was pure fun.

I would love to help capture some beautiful moments for you and your family. I specialise in both newborn baby photography and family photography. You can get in contact with me here if you would like to discuss your upcoming photo shoot.