I have a little secret. While my home based studio is currently being renovated (more information on this will follow) I have still been doing a great deal of baby photography in the Eastern suburbs and beyond. I have gone back to my roots for a short time and I am undertaking all of my newborn sessions in my client’s homes. This is after all, how I first started in newborn photography back in 2012.

When I first started out as a newborn photographer, I certainly didn’t have a home studio and all of the sessions I did were on location in my clients homes. Many newborn photographers work like this. Having a newborn portrait studio is a luxury that I have been lucky to have.

There are certainly pros and cons of working in your clients home and working in a studio. When I was lucky enough to have a home based studio set up, I found that over 90% of my baby photography sessions were held in the studio. Having a set up in my home means that I can control the room temperature, the light and not have to cart all of my gear around town.

However I will admit that I have enjoyed photographing newborns on location in clients homes again. There is something that I always like about working on the fly in new environments. I actually enjoy the challenge of having to find the best available light, or simply setting up my own lighting if I feel that we will need it.

So far I would have to say that most of my in home newborn sessions have occurred mainly within the Eastern suburbs and this has been quite convenient for me. However I have also traveled to Ivanhoe, Essendon and South Melbourne for sessions in the past few weeks. I don’t mind traveling to other areas in the slightest. My clients have always come from all over Melbourne. Some have even come as far as rural areas and I have had four clients this year who have travelled interstate for their photoshoot.

So until such time as my studio is available again, I will be continuing to photograph all newborn sessions in my clients homes. The thing is (and this is no secret whatsoever), you actually get exactly the same results from a photography perspective. Whether you are in a studio or in a home, the photographs are no different. I use the same equipment and bring along some props to use, such as my big posing beanbag and lots of lovely wraps and rugs. I always provide a mixture of colour and black and white newborn photography for my clients to choose from.

The wonderful thing about in home photography sessions is that sometimes there are lovely features of a house that I can use in a photoshoot. In this case, my clients had a fantastic big window that had some brilliant filtered light to create moody photographs which I particularly love.

I will stress though, that it doesn’t matter what your house looks like. I will always find the best spot to set up and if the available light isn’t workable for me, I will simply set up my lights that I bring with me everywhere. I also ask people to please not bother cleaning your house or going to any trouble whatsoever before I arrive. I have been there myself. I know what its like to have a newborn as a first time parent and then the chaos of having a newborn with other kids to worry about too.

So for now, I will continue enjoying photographing baby photo sessions in your homes. Whether you are based in the Eastern suburbs or elsewhere, it is an honour for me to record this time for you.



The best way to book in your baby photography session is to call me on 0414486409 or e-mail carmen@carmenhibbins.com

I predominately photograph families, newborns and children.

Newborn babies are best photographed in the first few weeks after birth. However if you have missed this time frame, give me a call to discuss and we can work out a time that might suit for a session either soon or in a few months down the track. There are a number of great stages to have your baby photographed and all produce different types of photographs.

Until further notice my home based studio is being renovated therefore all sessions are being held on location. Although I am based in the eastern suburbs, I travel all around Melbourne for photography sessions.  Newborn baby sessions are held in your home. Family sessions can be held either in your home or in a number of outdoor locations.