100 days is a wonderful age for a baby and a wonderful time to book in a photoshoot. 100 days old baby photo sessions are becoming increasingly popular.

So, what is a one-hundred-day photoshoot? The 100 days is celebrated in some Asian cultures, most famously in the Chinese and Korean cultures.

In Chinese culture, the one-hundred-day celebration after birth represents a celebration of longevity of life, ie that the baby may live for 100 years. The 100 day celebration (or baek-il) in Korean culture is seen more as a milestone for getting through the first 100 days for both babies and parents. In days past, babies would be required to stay at home and wouldn’t be introduced to relatives and friends until after the first 100 days.

Like many traditions, the parameters have been loosened but the 100 days is still marked and celebrated by many families.

Whether it is for cultural reasons or not, a photography session for a baby at 3 months or thereabouts is a wonderful idea.

At 3 months of age, babies are interactive and their personalities are well and truly shining through. They can hold themselves up, most quite enjoy tummy time and all of a sudden they are looking a little bit more grown up. However, they are still a squishy baby in every sense.

I love photographing babies at any age. And there are many opinions on the best age to have a photography session for your baby. But I think the 3 month sessions are some of my favourite due to the reasons mentioned above. I will also admit that one of the things I love about these sessions is that the babies cannot yet crawl away! Of course this makes it a bit easier for me. Firstly, its nowhere near as physically tiring compared to photoshoots with older babies or toddlers. Secondly, not having to chase a baby around my studio means that we can get some lovely consistent shots on different backgrounds as it is a bit easier to control the environment, (including the light and the props) when the subject isn’t crawling from one corner of the room to the other.

At three months of age and older, babies certainly love interacting with their parents, their siblings, or their grandparents. It was incredibly special having three generations present at this photoshoot. Baby and Grandmother have such a special bond and quite clearly adore one another. It was an absolute honour to capture some special moments between the two of them, as well as some special moments between the whole family. There is nothing better than being rewarded with a smiley happy face when you are a Photographer.

100 days old baby photography sessions, or three month photography sessions can be held either in our studio or at your own home, or of course, at another outdoor location of your choice.

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